Articles by others

80010981_01_lI often come across some very interesting articles. I don’t want to just summarise them, but share them with wider public. Therefore, on this page you can find some articles written by others that I strongly suggest you to read. And no worries – authors and the original sources will always be made known, I don’t want to be accused of any kind of copyright infringement. ūüôā

All the articles by others so far:

War, Peace and a New World Paved with Good Intentions through Sport (Grant Jarvie, e-International Relations, 2013)

Should we boycott the UEFA U21 Championship in Israel? (Jasper Kain and Timesu Pillay, Football Beyond Borders, 2013)

Football Rebels (series of documentaries on 5 football legends, by Eric Cantona on Al Jazeera, 2013)

Handbook of Sport and Corporate Social Responsibility (reblogged from Community Football Hub, 2013)

The turbolent politics of Egyptian football (by James M. Dorsey, published on his own blog, The Turbolent World of Middle East Soccer)

Warning to free-riding brands at the FIFA World Cup (by Alex Brownsell, Marketing Magazine, 10 March 2014)



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